The City of Salem partners with our community to deliver excellent service and plans for the future while preserving, protecting, and enhancing quality of life and our heritage.


    1. Plan for future needs and act on those plans responsibly

    2. Provide First-Class customer service

    3. To be fiscally responsible

    4. Protect our water resources and encourage the involvement of others to enhance environmental stewardship

    5. Provide public education about our facilities, operations, and natural resources

    Core Values

    • Integrity :  We are honest and ethical in all our dealings with each other and the public
    • Respect : We serve our customers and one another with courtesy and dignity, recognizing the impact our actions have on the economic development and quality of life in our community, now and in the future
    • Environment :  We are concerned about our natural, historic, economic, and aesthetic resources and work to preserve and enhance them for future generations
    • Safety:  We use education, prevention, and enforcement methods to protect life and property in the community. We maintain our infrastructure and facilities to provide a safe environment in which to live, work, shop, and play
    • Trust:  We realize the perception of our organization is dependent upon the publics confidence in our commitment to our core values and to meeting the goals set collectively by the Mayor and City Council